Help ! some questions about ( liquidity to a new token ) pancakeswap

Hello everyone !

I have some questions , i will be grateful to you for your help, as i am a biginner in this field .

  • I have created my new token with total supplay 100 000 000
    Do i need to add liquidity to whole the 100 000 000 , so the traders can buy it ?
    I mean if i add in the liquidity pool 1 bnb = 1000 000 of my token , that means the traders can buy just of this 1 000 000 which i add liquidity to , right ?
    What if i add 1 bnb = whole total supply ( 100 000 000 ) , does that mean that anyone can buy whole my token with 1bnb so there nothing left to others ! Hope to get some answers here becuase im really confused !

  • The seconde questions is : how am as the owner of the coin will make a profit ? i dont know how that works !! if people buy my token i know the price will go up but how can i earn ! i watched a vedio on youtube , in this vedio the person told that the owner can keep a part of the tokens by sending them to the same token contract on metamask then this part will disappear , but how can i get it back or where i find it !

Thanks in advance

1- if you put 1 BnB = 100 000 000, if one person buys your token, the liquidity of bnb will rise, for example, if you put 1 BnB = 100, your token will have a base price of 0.01BnB X 1 token, if a person buys 10 tokens , in liquidity there would be 1.10 bnb = 90 tokens, now your token would have the value of 0.012 bnb x token

2- the earnings will depend on your business logic

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Thx for your answer , i appreciate it .

Another question:

When i lock the liquidity that means i cannot remove the liquidity to that date .
But does that mean (no one can sell the token ?
If not , how can i do that, if i dont want the traders to sell the token in the begining so the price will not fall .
Thx again

block liquidity, it is that after you liquidate the token you cannot withdraw it if you want people not to sell your token at the beginning, the contract has to specify it so that it does not allow it