Please help. Scam token on Binance Smart Chain? Unable to sell

Hi. Can someone check the following CA on Binance Smart Chain:


It allowed me to buy the token, but not sell. EXCEPT for only once where after a few tries on Uniswap, it allowed me to sell just the once. Since then, I have only seen "low liquidity" messages, or "swap failed". Could anyone let me know if there's anyway possible at all to swap back to BNB or to get funds out. It allowed me to do it once so I had hope it's possible to do it again. Slippage was set to max but no luck. Thanks in advance.

This contract is not verified on BscScan; please share a contract with visible source code.

This is the coin. Can you tell what is happening here?

And this is the coin on dex screener:

Check out CIRCLE/WBNB on DEX Screener!

It's still allowing people to buy. But hasn't allowed me to sell. Can you sell by creating a contract or anything of the sort? Any Dex shoes no liquidity..


I'm only trying to figure out why I can't sell the token linked above. Not sure why you're getting heated. I just needed some advice because I bought the above token on a Dex, and now I can't sell. The address is the CA. That's all I know. Just needed some advice.

I've been also looking at this token myself, would you mind keeping me updated in case you managed to sell it?

I hope your problem is resolved soon

Where did you find out about the token? Can't seem to find anyone to approach regarding Blockchain investigations and reading the contract. I just want to know if anything's possible, then I can move on.

I heard about it throught a friend of mine, he told me he knew it and invested in it from an "Insider" which peaked a ton of questions on my part.

Sorry if this wasn't helpful.

This is just scam. You have to verify the project before buying. He is going to rug sooner or later.

Can you help me though I'm a beginner

How would you check if something is legit or not

Thanks for the reply. I know he's going to rug. But one thing confuses me...

I was able to sell some tokens after buying. But no matter how many times I try now, it says swap failed or no liquidity. Is there a possibility I've been blacklisted? And if so is there a way around this? As I have managed to sell a small amount previously. Wanted to see if there's any way I can sell more. Appreciate your time

Tried selling anything right now?

You should check the contract is renounced. And contract should be open source.

A common reason is that there's a Boolean lock like "enableTrade" set within the contract. If "enableTrade" is locked, regular users cannot perform any further transactions.
Since the code has not been verified, we cannot be certain if this is the reason.

Guy claiming a telegram bot will solve the transaction problems as it will check your wallet if it's a bot's.
Dunno but even a complete beginner like me wouldn't trust that.

Same problem for me as well. The Uniswap support team has confirmed the token is "non-sellable" unless the creator of the coin decides to let you do so. The conclusion was that it is a scam.

The unlocking thing via telegram bot gave me a date at which it will be unlocked. Well it says... :)))

Wish you luck friend, keep us updated if you can

Hi, Any luck recovering funds, I got pulled into this and cant swap the tokens

Hi there,
I’ve got scammed with 0x3dcddffe514a335b6be34aa436ea6435c8449309
Would pay for help in selling it.