Unable to sell tokens - scam?


I bought a coin which I'm not able to sell. I'm terrible with code and want to see if there is any chance at all I can recover any BNB from this.

The contract address is: 0x11111111a9345bc43eb4C3738EA25f4b401EcE5C

Really appreciate anyone's time and effort to look into this..

I am senior blockchain developer with experienced for 5 years. (EVM, Cosmos, Aptos)
i can help you.
Let me check and i will reply

I have checked this token contract after decompiled.
It seems that there is no problem to transfer.
Please check this
tx: 0xe2da6919d896d61cf1dca6262606cb983c5f9457527a694f6d393c69f4bb00f5
this is sell transaction. it works successfully.
please contact me if you have more questions.

This is just scam. You have to verify the project before buying. He is going to rug sooner or later. Funds cant be recovered. Its gone.

I can't unable to sell or swap circle coin it's real or fake anyone help me..,

How can I check or sell my token

if you want, i will analysis opcode for token contract.
it will spend much time.

Hi! I'm in same trouble... Can u help me please? Not for free sure.

Guys how can I sell this fake coin?

I have the same problem with this contract scam coin
Please tell me how to sell it
It is all my investment and i will be broken
I will pay good money to anyone who helps me


Same here, got scammed.
Ready to pay anyone for help