Beginner and afraid of getting scammed

I'm very new to trading but I'm aware of Honeypots where you'd be able to buy but then get blacklisted and you can't sell no more. Due to my almost non-existent experience in this whole thing I decided to check a person who claims to guide people to buy Coins/Tokens which are currently rising. Numbers check out every time but I'm very worried about the possiblity of a scam. came out with nothing.
I've seen some articles showing that exchanges like Coinbase are going to include the coin as well on thier platforms.
Is there any kind of insight you can give me about it?
It's called Circle.
This is the contract

Please share a link to the contract on etherscan or bscscan or polygonscan (i.e., according to whichever chain it is deployed on, which you should specify as part of your question, BTW).

In addition to that, please share a link to your related transactions (again, on etherscan or bscscan or polygonscan, depending on the chain that your question refers to).

Totally my fault I'm very sorry.
I didn't make any purchases yet as I was still checking this person's legitimacy. Will provide links immediately

EDIT: Is this what you needed? Very sorry if I'm mistaken.

This contract is not verified on BscScan, meaning that its source code is not publicly visible, which makes it very difficult to investigate your problem.

By the name of it, it seems like a Token contract.
Presumably, you've executed your transaction on a DEX contract rather than on this contract.
And if that DEX contract happens to be verified on BscScan, then it might help with the investigation.

In addition to that, a link to your actual transaction may also help, as it will point directly to the contract which it was executed on (whether it's the Token contract which you have linked or the DEX contract which I have speculated or some other contract).

Please share all of that relevant information.

Once again I'm very sorry but I did say earlier that I made no transactions yet as I only inteneded to make sure that this person (who told me about the token) is legitimate or not.

I'm very sorry for wasting your time I just wanted to know someone's opinion on this as I ha e no experience.

No apologies necessary :slight_smile:
If you have a link to a verified contract, then please post it here.
Using only the information that you have provided so far, it is rather difficult to give you any insight.

Totally Understandable!

I'll let this one go, if I happen to come across another one like it I'll be sure to provide all required information.

Thanks for your time!

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I managed to get a hold of my friend's transaction hash, I'm unaware is this is what you wanted or not or if it'll prove useful, he mentioned something about decompiling the code or something.


If this is worthless and you can try and guide me through any steps to get what you need I'd be glad to do it.

Yes, the details of this transaction on BscScan show that is has completed successfully:

Moreover, the actual source code in the unverified contract is also visible here:

I'm honestly not sure how come BscScan is able to show these details, perhaps it's because the contract in context is a pretty standard one (namely - an ERC20 Token contract).

In either case, as evident above, this transaction (executing an ERC20-Transfer between two accounts) has completed successfully.

So I'm not quite sure what else is there to address here...

Would you say this is safe and not a honeypot (currently?)

Certainly I'm not going to blame you for whatever happens, but would this be enough to determine the eligibility of this coin and it being swappable after I buy some of it?

And why is another person (on the forums) having trouble with it right now? Could it be a problem on their end?

Completely understand if the current analysis or contract isn't enough.

First of all, without seeing the contract code in full, I cannot state something like that

Second, you are most likely not going to interact with this Token contract directly, but rather, with a DEX contract which implements the actual trade (you know - buying or selling an amount of this token in exchange for an amount of some other token).

So in order to answer your question regarding financial integrity, one needs to inspect not only the Token contract which you have pointed out, but also the DEX contract which allows you to execute the actual trade.

Thanks for your help and time, I'll try to come back with the required stuff ASAP

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Hello once again!

I found this current website, its security check claims everything is correct in their security check by Secure Go

Would this be some sort of concrete evidence?

I don't click links from strangers :slight_smile:

That's okay!

If you wish to see what the link contains by yourself and you find that you got enough time and effort then just type the contract

0x11111111a9345bc43eb4c3738ea25f4b401ece5c in your search bar and followed by 'Coin Brain' to see the results, it has a security check and also I can see some selling transactions as well.

IMHO, in order for a contract to be trustworthy, its source code must be publicly visible (in this case, by verifying it on BscScan).

There is no reason, other than a malicious one, to avoid completing this very simple procedure (which literally takes 20 seconds).

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