Pancake Swap Liquidity - HELP!


I have a token in which I added some liquidity at the very start, which was 0.1 BNB for 1000000000

There was 100 Quadrillion in supply, so the start price for this was very very low.

I tested the contract by purchasing 1000 coins to which I got 900 as 5% went to shareholders and 5% went into liquidity.

Now as it was quite low I wanted to add more liquidity, so from within pancake swap I went on add liquidity and went on max. I had about 1 BNB in my wallet.

What it has done is removed all the tokens from my wallet and took the BNB also,

I am assuming its done this for liquidity so I now have 0 of the token...

I went on to remove liquidity which only works until the end confirm point, but then the button doesn't do anything... I found a youtube video on how to remove it manually :

This replicates the problem I am having I just want to know if this process will remove the liquidity that I did last?

Also, would it be possible to anyone knowledge would it be possible to remove all liquidity so that the contract is sort of reset and I am can have more liquidity from the outset?

Instead of adding 0.1 BNB for 1000000000 I would prefer to add 1 BNB for this amount of the token,..

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appriciated.

if the liquidity is in your wallet, disarm the token and recover everything, but if it is with a contract and you did not add that option, you will not be able to do it

In the wallet assets I see

I am assuming this is the liquidity of the token?

I am using meta mask but don't see an option to disarm.

Does this need to be done the same way as in that youtube video, manually?

Thanks for your reply on this

yes, you have to do it as the video explains

Would it be an option to remove all liquidity added from the very start of the contract?

Would this work, allowing me to start liquidity from a fresh and add more BNB at the start

if only you have the token, it would be a good idea

What about if there is a few holders?

So one was a friend as a test for the 1000 in which they got 900

We also moved coming into different wallets a charity one a development one.

So would this effect those or would you suggest moving it all back to the main wallet then removing all the liquidity and then the initial liquidity which well remove the set price.

So I can then make 1000000000 to be 1 BNB

Thanks for your time

it will not affect them, as long as you add liquidity again, which allows them to sell the tokens they previously bought

Great thanks for your help on this...

Just to clarify I can remove all liquidity on that contract which shows on the contract as:
[PancakeSwap V2: BICT 3]

Once this is all removed, I can then add liquidity as I did from the very start of the contract to set the price again?

Bear in mind this contract has a function on it where it sends 5% to holders and 5% into liquidity, this won't affect it in any way, will it?

With it only having 8 holders, which were all test transactions and moving tokens to certain locked wallets for the future. It will only be these test ones that notice any difference in liquidity so it wont matter.

@MC-DFX Please keep in mind moving forward:

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apologies, first time using this and I did need help. Will bear in mind for the future.

Still looking for that same help about removing the base liquidity, and whether it will be ok to remove all liquidity and reset the value from the start?

If anyone can point me in the right direction of this?