Help for BEP20 Smart Contract development (Thanks)

Hallo DEVS,

i need an DEV for creating an smart contract for my new token.
The token can be launched on Binance, Avalanche, Tron, Harmony, Cardano etc.. (but not on ETHER - becouse gas fee is to high!)

  • Total Supply
  • Buy fee and Sell Fee seperatly and adjustable later. (maximum fee limited at 15%)
  • Liquidy Pool fee
  • Dev fee
  • Holder Rewards half splitted in BUSD, CAKE, TUSD, etc.? (depends on Blockchain) and other half in the token himself (50% / 50%) - Holder reward fee is adjustable.
  • By Back fee adjustable

And the most imortant now is the anti Wale programm as following:

  • Maximum Buy in one transaction token.
  • Maximum holding in an wallet adress token.

(I can pay for this, or we do a deal together with this token)
I am not rich and I am alone - for your information. I am from austria :slight_smile:

I have a lot of interesting ideas (unfortunetely I can`t develop them). Iam interested in an serious partnership with an good developer. I like to implement also an other token into my new homepage wiht wallet connect functions. But this is a future project.

You can write me on

Lots off grettings