OpenZeppelin Contracts and Solidity 0.7

Support for Solidity 0.7 has been published in a specially tagged release @openzeppelin/contracts@3.1.0-solc-0.7 .

You can install with npm install @openzeppelin/contracts@3.1.0-solc-0.7

Note: Other than the support for Solidity 0.7 this release corresponds to OpenZeppelin Contracts v3.1.

:warning: Stay tuned for news about Solidity 0.7 support!

Solidity 0.7 is a breaking change and we have yet to decide how it fits in the OpenZeppelin Contracts versioning scheme, along with how Solidity 0.6 will be supported moving forward.

Thanks to elenadimitrova for the Pull Request: :pray:

A release of OpenZeppelin Contracts Ethereum Package is normally a couple of weeks after a numbered release of OpenZeppelin Contracts.


Thanks for this post @abcoathup should we upgrade or wait until further notice.

I want to upgrade to the latest stable version of oz …which one would your suggest I go with?

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Hi @pkr,

This version is for community members who need to use Solidity 0.7 right now.

For everyone else, you can use this version to play with Solidity 0.7, though you may find that not all of the ecosystem supports Solidity 0.7 yet.

I have been playing with a simple ERC20 token inheriting from OpenZeppelin Contracts using Solidity 0.7 and was compiling on Truffle, buidler and OpenZeppelin CLI.

If you are working on upgradeable, or minimal proxy contracts then you will need to wait for the OpenZeppelin Contracts Ethereum Package version to be released (as per timeline above).