Solidity 0.7 support in OpenZeppelin Ethereum Contracts and Upgrades library?

Solidity just happened to release 0.7.0.
We just wanted to check making a smart contract on it using openzeppelin…
I just wanted to know when will the support come for it from openzeppelin’s side for the upgradable contracts [the planned one]
It’s just for information, no hassle! :smiley:

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Hi @asmeedhungana,

OpenZeppelin Contracts Ethereum Package is generally a couple of weeks after a release of OpenZeppelin Contracts.

You can follow this issue for the status of OpenZeppelin Contracts Solidity 0.7 support, though there is already a branch for Solidity 0.7.

As for upgrades, the Solidity version of the proxy and ProxyAdmin don’t impact the Solidity version of the logic contract.

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