OpenZeppelin Contracts 3.2

Welcome to a new release of OpenZeppelin Contracts! :dancers:

The big feature in this release is that we’ve migrated our proxy contracts from OpenZeppelin SDK into the Contracts project. We hope this will make more people aware of upgrades in Ethereum, and we also think the contracts will benefit greatly from the continued scrutiny by all of you in the community. This was also a migration of the proxies from Solidity 0.5 to 0.6, which we know some users have been waiting for.

For Solidity 0.7 users, a reminder that we have support for the newer compiler version published on npm under the tag solc-0.7, the latest release being 3.2.0-solc-0.7. We’re considering officially switching to 0.7 for the release after this one.

There is additionally a small breaking change in ERC20Snapshot that may affect some of its users. If you’re one of them please take a look at the changelog.