My LP BNB stocked and can't pull them out

was trying to make a contract with 2% reflection and 5% to LP and 8% for marketing and buyback. I'm a noob haha, read some tips here and start to test. The last one o copied the EverRise and said let's try.
I wanted to have an 8% wallet that saves BNB of taxes and use half of them for marketing and another half for buyback. changed the name and fees and marketing wallet and deployed. put 0.3 bnb in lp and thought if it works fine so I put more bnb and share the contract. tried to test if the fees and the bnb wallet works, so I bought some and sold them the first time. and checked the contract at and it says honeypot.
bought again and tried to sell, it did not go through, tried in another wallet, can buy but can't sell.
finally decided to pull my bnb back. and could not do that. and thought maybe because of in contract it say "Contract is locked until 7 days")
can it be that?

Hey @Vahid_Safdari can you please share your contract link?

here is the link to the contract

Thanks for answering btw!
and forgot to say that I locked the LP after i could not pull så now is locked for ca 15 hours.

was trying to make a contract with a marketing wallet that saves bnb, I'm new and did not know how to use pancake testnet so lost almost those BNBs that i planned to have them i LP.
I can send you the last contract I made and if you could check if everything is correct to go.
I think I copied one of your contracts on github

Here is the last one ready to deploy but not sure if everything is as I wanted

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I solved it! just pulled out as WBNB and it went through :sunglasses: