Contract Errors buying / selling after Including burn wallet in rewards

Idk what happened. Turned back on reflections to the burn wallet. Lots of people had diamonds out of their reflections pulled. Shortly turned it off.

But after I had enabled it, (or disabled again) pcs now won’t trade.

Transfers work, tax still gets hit also.

Its wierd, as I had turned on / off reflections to solve another user who I had limited reflections too, but all solved there issue free. Aswell as turned on the reflections to the burn & off before. So unsure.

I feel the issue may have been in relation to when I removed the whitelist on the dead address again, maybe it pulled some from LP also (like the individuals who mentioned having less than they should) or jacked something up there.

But my next step is really digging into our liquidity pair & assuming it isn’t contract related now, but possibly pool related not sure yet.

Hi, welcome! :wave:

Sorry, I do not find a failed transaction, so which function do you try to call.