Multi Sig Wallets having funds received on different network

Multi Sig Wallets having funds received on different network

What happens when you have created a multi sig (gnosis safe) wallet on Avalanche C Chain and someone sends MATIC to that wallet (gnosis safe) address on ethereum mainnet instead from Avalanche C chain

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Hello @abhang.atish,

Sorry for the late reply, few details:

The way Safe works is by creating proxy clones of a master copy using this function.

As you can see, the address derived (your Gnosis) is created via CREATE2, which is dependent of the sender’s address, which in this cases, is the ProxyFactory.

That said, the only way to have the same address of a Safe in another network is to use the same ProxyFactory address in that chain.

In fact, the Safe team designed a deterministic deployment process as a security feature against situations like this (transfer to address in another network), but unfortunately, not all networks are compatible with this mechanism, so the proxy factory is in a different address.

See Proxy Safe in the Safe Deployments repo. You’ll see Avalance (43114) has a different factory than Mainnet, therefore (and unfortunately), you can’t replicate a Mainnet safe in Avalanche, so I think there’s no easy easy way to access those funds.

Hope this helps!