Multisignature wallet services vs Making your own contracts


Are you guys using multisignature wallet services, like gnosis-safe? Or are you deploying your own multisig contracts.

Anyone knows how much is gnosis-safe's pricing?

thank you all :slight_smile:

My own, did you see how much it costs to use gnosis-safe? :wink:

Just simulated a wallet creation:

The creation will cost approximately 0.13916 Ether (~576.26$).

Deploy it yourself and you have one for 50 bucks on the eth-mainnet.

Here is a code example:
The wallet owners can

  • submit a transaction
  • approve and revoke approval of pending transcations
  • anyone can execute a transcation after enough owners has approved it.


... and here is a contract to test sending transactions from the multi-sig wallet:

// SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT
pragma solidity ^0.8.3;

contract TestContract {
    uint public i;

    function callMe(uint j) public {
        i += j;

    function getData() public pure returns (bytes memory) {
        return abi.encodeWithSignature("callMe(uint256)", 123);

Hope this helps you out :slight_smile:

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Thanks @AlexMarty . Now I am curious how you calculated creation costs. Did you simulate cretion on a test network?

why does one it costs way more than the other one?, is it because of the extension of their contract/ storage used on blockchain? could you explain a little why one costs way more than the other one?

Thanks Alex. Your answer was just what I needed.

The code shared by @AlexMarty is the original Gnosis MultiSig Wallet. Please credit the original developers! I've edited your comment to add the link.

I'll also say, you should never blindly trust code pasted on a forum by someone. A multisig wallet is a specially critical piece of code.

Gnosis Safe is free to use, it just costs to deploy the contract. Deploying contracts is expensive, and I believe the Gnosis Safe would be cheaper than whatever other contract you try to deploy, because it only requires deploying a cheap proxy.

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