Failing to create a Gnosis Safe

Hello OpenZeppelin Defender Team:

I have a Gnosis Multisig Wallet that I can use via defender to admin a smart contract deployed on Avalanche C-Chain (Fuji testnet). When I try to upgrade the Gnosis Multisig Wallet to Gnosis Safe it fails.
Is this functionality going to be available soon?


Hey @ngurmen! How are you upgrading from the Gnosis Multisig to the Safe? That’s a feature not present in Defender, so I’m curious what you are running that’s failing.

Hi @spalladino , I am trying to make the upgrade outside of Defender -when you use Gnosis Multisig Wallet it prompts you to upgrade to the newer Gnosis Safe. However, it fails. I thought that the ability of creating a Gnosis Safe will be available within Defender soon. I was wondering when that will happen. I suppose for that to happen Gnosis Safe needs to support Avalanche C-chain first.

Ah got it! Yes, we expect to release the ability to create a Safe (not migrate from a MultisigWallet though) from Defender early next week - cc’ing @MartinVerzilli who’s overseeing it!