Monitor webhook notification not working

I set up a monitor for a smart contract deployed on celo alfajores and configured it to monitor an event. I created a webhook notification channel but I don't receive whenever this event is emitted. I tried my webhook with the "send test message" feature and it works. I also added an email channel for notification and I get an email whenever the event triggers but still no webhook notification.

Could you please post your account's tenantId and the URL of your monitor?

Here is m tenant ID


monitor url


I'm having the exact same notification is working but webhook not.

TenantID: 3b135688-0692-442d-a570-6d2510256aa5
monitor URL:


@Breellz @gperezalba are you still unable to use monitor webhook notifications? I'm unable to find any useful debugging information. Could you please try again and ping me once complete?