Sentinel not triggering webhook anymore on contract even

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I have sentinel trigger a webhook on my server when the Transfer event in my ERC721 contract is fired and this was woking fine but since March 10th Sentinel has stopped triggering the webhook.

Is this a known issue? I haven't made any changes to my Sentinel setup at all.

:1234: Code to reproduce

Sentinel: aad9996d-6230-4398-a197-fe0bdffc9a6b
Contract: 0x3eD7DFaCA773b90dA1bc3Fa8b04656c917D33AFb

Hello, thanks for reporting! We identified an issue affecting sentinels that specified event filtering conditions. We introduced this bug in the latest version of Defender (on March 10th). The issue has been patched and we're seeing normal functioning now.

Makes sense, thanks!