Looking For Deflationary Contract To Play With

Hi Everyone

In my effort to learn how contracts and crypto work I've created a Binance Testnet account on my metamask account and now have 1 test BNB

What I'm looking for is a BEP20 deflationary contract where I can adjust the following settings:

% of buy/sell transaction fee
% of coins from transaction fee back into Liquidity Pool
% of coins from transaction fee redistributed back to holders
% of coins from transaction fee burned
% of coins from transaction fee to development/marketing

Does this sound right?

Is there a library of contracts available to look thru to see if I can find what I'm looking for?

Eventually I think it would be amazing to distribute my own coin but right now I've got alot to learn and I would really like a better understanding of what I'm doing.


I looked at https://vittominacori.github.io/bep20-generator but not sure exactly what I’m looking for? The more features = more expensive?

Also, can a ERC20 coding be used in the creation of a BEP20 token?

Maybe is not the exact thing you was looking to but check this:

Hope it is useful


Hi FreezyEx

Thanks for contract

Can this be converted to use with BEP20?

I made some changes and compiled. When I tried to deploy it’s looking for Ether as payment, not BNB?


BNB is fork of ETH so the contract can be used on BSC without changing anything

I forked this is basically made is free. it’s .01 bnb - https://sonar-launchpad.github.io/

Thank you so much for providing this contract.

Is this contract like Safemoon where you can allocate percentages to charity, token holders, liquidity pool, etc?

And if so, can we set the percentages in your contract ?

Thanks again.

Yes exactly you are right


Hi Freezy,

I tried to use your code in Testnet BSC deployment by deploying via Remix but I can’t seem to make it work. I just want to try to deploy in Testnet first before deploying to real BSC. Did I miss something? Please provide the modified code so I can try it. Appreciate your help in advance.


On testnet you must use the router address for testnet:

and use thi UI to test

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Will try and let you know the feedback. Thanks a lot.

Hi FreezyEx,

I tried to replace all swap route addresses to 0x9Ac64Cc6e4415144C455BD8E4837Fea55603e5c3 the to run a few times with your exact code provided but just change Token Nam, Symbol, and Fee but unable to successfully create the token in TESTNET. The Remix created the contract but there is no token name created for that contract. Below is the URL to the code that I already verified. Kindly appreciate if you could tell me what I did wrong.


From here select your contract name.

I am guessing you are selecting address like in this pic.

Hi Shaikh,

You are a life savor! I selected the wrong contract. Appreciate your prompt response.

Thank you,

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You are welcome.

I understand when a develper stuck in problem.

Can i ask you? I deployed and filled in liquid with your version of the contract. Thank you very much for the contract! I have a question that charity wallet burning and replenishment comes from the main pool and not from the purchase or sale part, is this normal?

Hi FreezyEx,

I have following questions regarding to your code.
1- “_taxFee” variable is the "reflection fee to holders’?
2- Will your code fully function in Testnet Binance? I tried it but I can NOT make it work for “Reflection to holders”. I am using MetaMask to test this.

Please advise.


is there a way to give dividends in multi crypto as per choice of buyer?

Yes exactly

Yes I tested on testnet, just don't forget to replace router address

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Yes it will swap tokens holded in contract balance