Request Deflationary token Smart Contract

Hey Guys thanks for checking my request out.

I need a deflationary Bep20 Smart Contract for my upcoming project with these features

Token Name :
Token Symbol :
Total Supply :
Total Decimals :
Tx Fee % to Holders : Buy / Sell
Tx Fee % to LP :
Tx Fee % to Burned Tokens :
Tx Fee % to Marketing Wallet :
Tx Fee % to Owner/Team:
Tx Fee % to Buyback Tokens:
Anti Whale Max Wallet % :
Anti Whale Max Transaction % :
Anti Sniper Bot protection
Audit Secure

Just need a little help getting started and would be greatly appreciated.

My Future Project plan (Full Web3 Stack)
KYC & Audit
Deflationary Reward Token
NFTs Collections
NFT Game
MMC POS/POW Coin with its Own Blockchain
ICO /Dex - Wallet, Dapp, Website
CEX listings
and more as i go along

Once my project grows i will be able to hire a developer for the project. But currently not financially able.

Thanks guys

The safetoken is a good place to start. And I dont wanna burst your bubble, but what you've described could be any one of the thousands of tokens already out there, i.e. unless there's real utility (besides being the native coin on some future evm compatible blockchain) there's abs no reason any one should/would get into it

Thank you for the advice. Yes the market is saturated with crypto projects and coins galore. But a lot of people dont know crypto and if i can help people become financially free and stable for them & their families and no longer struggle, then thats all that matters

Hello. I see you are looking for a professional developer for your deflationary token, if you still need help send a message to my telegram: @evm_dev