Is it possible to modify transfer fees such this?

Guys i have a question.
In contracts which has wallets such as marketing wallet, fees are deducted from buy and sell, and get transfered into marketing wallet based on the tokens.
Is it possible instead of sending tokens to that marketing wallet, we send BNB amount of that? how?

yes sure it is possible. Do you need some help to implement this?
If you want share your source code

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this contract that you mentioned here:

really nobody can help with getting this done?

I think FreezyEx has answered, and just like he said, maybe you can share your source code.

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Hi. thanks for the reply. I thought the mentioned the code is okay. should i write all of the code here?

yes, it's alright, that would be great.

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If the code is too long you can share a pastebin or github code.