$2500 for BEP20 Deflationary Smart Contract Creation


I need someone to create a smart contract on Binance Smart Chain. I also need guidance to understand how this works. I also need your help to brainstorm a long term viable distribution of tokens.

  1. Coin must burn half or more before the launch.

  2. Contract must be renounced after token is listed on Pancakeswap.

  3. Liquidity must be locked. If possible, liquidity must have a lock period of one year and after to be evenly distributed to the holders. If not possible, locked for 10 years.

  4. If possible, I want different fees on buying and selling. I want the selling fees to be really big during the first month so the coin can grow with no problems.

After the first month, 30 days after launch, the selling fees to be the same as the buying fees, let’s say 5% to liquidity, 5% to holders and 2% to team.

A scam coin (GhostPumpers) used this, I don’t know if the code was working or not but I liked the idea.

Please message me with your offers along with a turn around time. I don’t mind if you take parts of code from other contracts but I need a really experience coder for this since I will be doing a professional audit.

PS: Price is for all functions.

Thank you!


Hey pm me, maybe I can help

can do that for free if you have not found anyone.pm

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Extremely easy to do (and most likely already done). You definitely dont need to pay 2.5k for that, id be happy to it for a share of the team profits. PM me if you havent found anyone.


I forgot to update the thread. Someone already developed the contract for me. Thank you!


Hello budy, how are you? Did you get someone to do it for you or did you do it yourself? Can you help me please?

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I’m interested in such project. Can you show me how to do it?

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Hello there, can you help me to creat Smart contract?

if you can do that, contact me by email: eliaaas1987@gmail.com

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Hi sure, I sent you an email

how do I Pm you privately?

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Hey i am actually trying to make a deflationary token PM me i am new to zepplin lol so I don’t know how to pm you lol except for here


Hi, are you available for a BEP20 token dev?

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Thanks for sharing. This post can help other to save their money.


Can you create me one ?

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I am interested in creating a similar project but don't want the rewards to come out automatically but instead through abi request function if this is something you can help with please send me a email: Justpayit2@gmail.com

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what do you mean trough ABi request function?

I apologize for lack of proper terminology,https://docs.openzeppelin.com/contracts/4.x/api/finance looking to do something like this but with the taxes / rewards of your deflationary token code from https://github.com/FreezyEx/Deflationary-Token
eventually plan to have a dapp where user can log in check rewards/release rewards

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Salut ajutama te rog

dami telegram tau