$1000 for BEP20 deflationary smart contract creation

1- I need 10% of each transaction, both purchase and sale, to go to the marketing portfolio already converted to BNB.
2- I would also like to place a delay limit, the maximum that a holder can have per portfolio is 1%

I really need this code, help me please

My contact: menttorguy@gmail.com


Hey @Robson_Jacinto ,
if you are still loking for a dev I can help you.
You can contact me here or on telegram @FreezyDev

All you need at this moment is the Cryptex TOKEN CONSTRUCTOR.

You can easily customize your own BEP20/ERC20 or RFI tokens on cryptexlock.me

It's very safe, as it comes with an in-built audit compilation from HashEx.
It is fast, affordable and would save you loads of time, money and stress.

If you got any issues, you can easily contact the Cryptex team through Twitter @ExLocker.

Wish you all the best :white_check_mark::rocket:

The simple one I can create without any difficulty, I would like to limit the purchase and quantity per wallet to 1%, and put a 10% buy and sell fee that would be converted to BNB and sent to a Marketing wallet

For $1000 I develop the smart contract + a dapp for you. Call me on Telegram @skyxcripto