I need someone for BEP20 Deflationary Smart Contract Creation. Paid for the service! $$

Hello everyone, everything good?

I need someone to create a smart contract on Binance Smart Chain. Token Bep-20

I need a token that:
The 13% tax is applied to each transaction:
• 4% will be transferred to the liquidity reservoir
• 3% will be redistributed to existing holders
• 2% will be burned on each transaction
• 4% will be redistributed to the development and marketing portfolio

Coin must burn half or more before the launch.

I need the liquidity pool to be blocked for 2 years from launch

I also need an anti-whale system to be able to buy a maximum of 2 bnb in the first 15 minutes and after the first 15 minutes!
And after 15 minutes, feel free to buy any quantity.

Thank you, I look forward to contacting you!

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Hey I sent you a Dm. i can help you