How to unbond via defender?

I have a question regarding the profit earnings?
The net earnings is negative because the tx is higher than the total gas spent. Is it same for you also or am i doing something wrong?
Plus, @spalladino, Could you please also tell me how to unbond via defender?

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Hi @bashebr, you can use the new “Send transaction via relayer” feature to unbond. To do so:

  1. Go to your relayer settings page, open the upper right corner cog menu and click “Send transaction”.
  2. Enter the Keep3r contract address: 0x1cEB5cB57C4D4E2b2433641b95Dd330A33185A44
  3. Choose function “unbond”.
  4. ETH value to send: 0.0.
  5. bonding: 0x1cEB5cB57C4D4E2b2433641b95Dd330A33185A44
  6. Set the unbond amount of your choice

I’m assuming you originally bonded with KPR tokens, so you want to unbond KPR tokens as well (that’s why we set the bonding param to the same Keep3r contract). Otherwise, look up the token you want to unbond here:

Take into account that there’s a delay in the unbond operation (currently 14 days).

Hope this helps!


Thanks so much, you make things easier.

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Hi @bashebr,

Regards profitability:

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hello, i have a question in the field that says amount of unbound in unint256, how is set? coz i put like this
value * 10e18
Am I doing any mathematical error, thanks?

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Hi @bashebr, if you’re unbonding KPR tokens and you want to unbond 1 KPR, you enter: 1000000000000000000

In the future, Defender will help you input that in a more convenient way, but for now this is the only supported way.