How to set up a Keeper on Defender

Here’s the guide you are looking for.

Note that it requires an OpenZeppelin Defender account with mainnet access: you can apply for one here!

From the announcement: Running a keeper from Keep3r Network on Defender


Thanks @spalladino, just followed the guide and now waiting to be activated.

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Thank you for that great guide for running a Keep3r Network.

I have created and sent ETH to the relayer, and created an autotask using the snippet provided from the guide. I can tell from the autotask history that its triggering the autotask every minute, and every minute it provides me with the this message: "INFO Waiting 221165 seconds ". I understand that I am waiting for activation to be complete, but I am curious if it is working as it should. Should my autotask be triggering every 1 minute for the duration of the bonding time, or did I mess up?

On a second note, I have received several autotasks that have failed with the message: " ERROR Invoke Error {“errorType”:“Error”,“errorMessage”:“failed to meet quorum. . . . . .”. I can provide all details if necessary. Should I be concerned with these failed messages during my bonding period? Also, why is it that some of these are failing and others (most) are successful? Is there anything I can do proactively to prepare for this to work correctly when the bonding time is completed?

Appreciate the support!

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