Bonded kp3r & other erc-20 tokens from personal wallet

Hello Everyone.

Around a month ago i bonded (KP3R) & other ERC-20 tokens directly from my meta mask wallet.

I have since learned that this was an error and i should use a RELAY through DEFENDER using @OpenZeppelin.

My RELAY is now active and i will wait for approval or for 3 days to pass.

MY QUESTION IS. 1 How would i Unbond my original assets back into my wallet so i can transfer everything over to @OpenZeppelin and initialize the suggested protocols.

Is this a matter of interacting with the KP3R Contract unregistering as a keep3r calling the Unbond function & Waiting 14 Days is this correct?

Thanks in advance with Kind regards

Daniel M

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You can start running a Keeper using OpenZeppelin Defender and bond with zero tokens:

At the same time you can unbond using the app:

Once your Keep3r have unbonded, you can then bond your Keep3r to your Defender Relayer and reactivate.


Were you able to set this up?

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Hi @abcoathup

Thanks for reaching out I apologize for the late reply things have been quite busy for me here in Adelaide.

I have successfully set up my new Keeper account through defender.

As for the Tokens I locked into the keeper protocol from my primary wallet I’m not 100% sure.

5 Days ago I attempted to unbond directly from the etherscan portal. I did this by calling the unbond function directly to the contract.

For a reason unknown to me though I’m unable to see an active balance. Through the application it states zero work completed zero keeper bonded?

I’m hoping in 14 days something might change fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

Can you shed any light as to why I can’t view any balance or bonded asset’s?

I have the transaction receipts obviously, I’ve watched my tokens bounce around to various mempools & even be exchanged for Wrapped ETH so I’m really not sure?

Your assistance is always appreciated.

Thankyou. :grin:

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I would have expected if you connected your primary wallet, then would show the balance of tokens. You may want to ask in: