How to sell a token directly to a BEP-20 Contract


I recently decided to be a degenerate and ape myself into a "pump" coin that was posted on a "PoocoinPumps" Telegram channel. I know. I'm an idiot. Anyways, I went ahead and aped in, and after doubling my initial investment I wanted to exit. I found that after enabling Pancake Swap V2 to use the BURN token, nothing would happen. If I refreshed, I was just prompted to enable the token again. No bueno.

I looked at bscscan and the trading history to see if there were any sells. There are two sells. Both of those sells were done by front running bot contracts that put in a small buy, and sold 1 minute later. Through BSCscan comments I actually found exactly which bot was used.

I am not proficient in coding, but I can see that those bots are somehow able to sell their token directly to the contract without having to use PCSV2 to enable the funds and execute the trade. Can anyone please help me figure out how to do the same thing in a manual fashion so I can recover my 2 BNB that's stuck in there?

Contract Address: 0x6C19aC7510121a8208BFd10F6477E3c6dEFAF085
Token Name: BURN

BSCscans showing sells:

Any help would be much appreciated!!

Thank you,