I want to innate a Manual Burn for my Bep-20 Token

:1234: Code to reproduce

:computer: Environment

I want to burn tokens from my bep-20 project. It has to be done using bscscan correct?

you can do it, send the tokens to address 0 with metamask, as long as the tokens are in your wallet

If you have the burning function established in your contract, you can also do it through bscscan

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Thank you for your response. Ok im having a problem with tech service from dxsale. They banned me for asking questions. I wasn't rude nor was i causing fud. Anyway, i can't even find the area where to withdraw lp tokens so i can relock.

We have it established in our contract but i can not find in bscscan. I see it in our contract on github.

You can share me, the address of your contract and your github to review it



Also thank you very much.

Could you tell me which line is the burning function, in the github

I have reviewed your contract and you do not have the option to burn tokens,

Ok. Damn. I appreciate it. Thank you very much