Pancakeswap BSC contract burn exploit? possible other DEX?

It appears someone has found a way to burn the initial LP created with a Pancakeswap BSC contract and the Token creator.

Is this being done simply because the original contract has burn functionality?

This seems like a nasty exploit that could be taken advantage with any burn function in a Pancakeswap contract or possibly other DEX?

Although on the surface seems only annoying, this exploiter does this full LP burn while holding a small amount of token and then cashes out before the exploit is known for maximum effect.

These are the 4 tokens that look to have had the same exploit done. please note he sent to 0x0000 and 0x0000dead, as if he was testing if it could work for both.?

I've gone through the code and it appears to be a pretty standard builds. One of the exploited tokens.

The exploiter's address where he has his WBNB, He hasn't moved them. Perhaps he's a whitehat?