Can I hide display of contracts and proposals in Defender?

Hi - I've been working on deploying a Governor contract to rinkeby. Mine is slightly customized. Between that & the fact that a Governor takes an ERC20, a Timelock, plus various proposals to get rights set up and the fact that I've made plenty of mistakes along the way, it's gotten messy on the admin page. I've got a lot contracts & proposals that I'd like to remove from sight. Is it possible to hide from display or archive things in Defender to make it easier to manage?

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Hey @chrisb, thanks for reaching out

Currently, you can only archive proposals to get them out of sight. Just go to your contract, click on it to see the details, and click on the following button for the proposal you want to archive:

Unfortunately, there's no way to hide contracts. The only way is to delete them, and you can always re-import them but you'll lose the proposals Defender is tracking.

Curious to know if there's any particular way to display the contracts or proposals that might help you deal with the mess, we've some improvements for this on our backlog so we'd love to hear comments.

Hope this helps, best!

Perfect - that's what I needed. Thank you!

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