How can i sell direct to the contract without having to use PCSV3 to enable the funds and execute the trade?

Hello, I bought a token that I cannot sell back on PCSV3 I'm afraid it is a scam token but I saw people selling so I guess it's possible.

token address:
True Token


Scam token I bought


Just checked on Honeypot it has a 100% sales tax.

this is the TX of the sale:


Any time I try to sell in PCS gives me this error: Unknown error: "Execution reverted with reason: STF.". Try increasing your slippage tolerance. now knowing it has 100% sales it makes sense but having other people selling it, how can it be done?

Perhaps any workaround to try to recover my money? Spent 500 bucks on this thing, it looked like a legit link from a known crypto guy on TW. I guess my mistake wasn't triple-checked.

Please any info that can help?


This token contract seems legit.
There doesn't seem to be any tax-mechanism implemented as part of it.

This transaction is marked Success.
Please provide consistent information.

Hello Barakman, I just updated my post I just put the true token address but now it contains the address I bought from:


This is the one I need solution! thanks

This contract is not verified on bscscan, so you'll need to provide more information.

Hello, so what other information could I provide? I just know the contract address that's given in Pancake Swap V3 and the TX of my transaction.


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I am also facing the same problem which you faced. This error is now irritating me. Did you got the solution of it? as my money is also got stucked in PCS.