Unable to sell tokens

BSC Contract - 0xa148e9589d3e9eb3754510d71708b078f205fec3

This is just one example. There is liquidity in the pool, yet PancakeSwap will not allow you to sell.
I’m new to solidity and I’m wondering which function in the contract is making it unable to sell, so I know for future reference. Any help is much appreciated!!!

Btw, I know that it has nothing to do with pancakeswap. It is definitely a function of the contract.

Is this your own contract? If you want a review of the code I would recommend sharing the code here as well. If you have a problem you need to solve you should post in one of the #support categories.

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This is not my contract. I bought a little bit, but I’m unable to sell. This isn’t the first time I’ve come across a token like this. I know 100% sure it has nothing to do with pancakeswap and is definitely a function of the contract. Would just like to know if anything sticks out so I can avoid similar tokens in the future. I posted the contract above, but here is the source code for the contract: https://bscscan.com/address/0xa148e9589d3e9eb3754510d71708b078f205fec3#code

I am not sure, but maybe you can set a larger slippage.

It has to be something in the contract. Pancakeswap is working fine with other tokens and even with slippage set at MAX it still fails due to undefined error. I’ve also used estimated amount on both sides and that’s a no go also.

Yeah, you are right, maybe there is something in the contract, I have a check from the pancake info, most of transactions are selling BNB to get this token, so maybe this is an irreversible process.

That’s actually a common strategy, where someone releases a token but breaks the sell function to artificially propup the price, while the owner can rugpull the whole community.

this calls honeypot.. you can chek honeypot using this tool https://honeypotchecker.org/. but it should have liqidty on the pool.... otherwise you cant find honeypots by using this tool.some scam devs using high tax fees. as a example buy tax is 10%... sell tax is 99%... so people can't sell.... they commonly disable sell function.that's why we can't sell

hey was wondering if you have an example of this 99% tax or more info on this?


Smart contracts lock you in and you can't sell