Help me understand how THIS particular De-Fi scam actually did work

Hello, of course I was rugpulled like many people before and many people after me, but it was only 8 euros so I do not care, but I want to understand what have actually happened and how did they manage to do that.

The token is:

From poocoin I can see, it still has 26.25 BNB worth of liquidity in V2. How does this work? Obviously people can not trade anymore, pancakeswap says that gas limit has been reached and no matter what slippage I set it simply does not work.

I have saw similar projects, all of the sudden trades does not occur anymore, but liquidity stays in the pool. How does this work? Does this mean that 26.25 BNB are still in liquidity but even creator does not have an access to them? Or did the contract probably somehow broke and even creator is out of the game?

Looking at liquidity pool owners, I can see two owners, one is a dead address holding only 1 token (how the hell this they achieve this and why? Probably because they want to trick poocoin so it does not show that there is only one liquidity pool holder?) and second address holding ~1400 cake tokens, which is worth rather a fortune.

I really do not care about 8 euros or so, but help me understand what actually happened, why it happened and how to avoid that in a future? How can people spot de-fi scams when even rather large liquidity pool is not an indicator about anything?

Thanks in advance!

Vrify the contract first so we can see the code of token. After that we can figure out how to remove that liquidity.

Well it is not my contract but I think it was most certainly safemoon clone. My tokens were increasing when people were trading.

The owner must set false to swapAndLiquifyEnabled and you can remove the liquidity :slight_smile: