Need a Freelance Developer to develop a new smart contract special features like Swapandliquidity, and auto burn as well

I need a Dev that we can what together on a special project with
auto burn
Tax and integration

Something like safemoon?

Hi Jimoh,

I'm one of the lead developers at the Silicon Valley based application development agency Kaizen Apps. We're capable of building De-Fi, Smart Contract, & True IPFS DAPP projects on multiple smart chains to whatever spec you'd like. I can work both via email and phone.

Regarding the integration of Swaps, Liquification, Burning, Taxes, and the platform, that is all done simply via the backend with many historic frontends to choose from. Let's get in touch to hash out your project more.

My contact is

Hi, I have developed and deployed several related smart contract and token/coin on binance smart chain network.
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