BSC Liquidity/Token Lock Smart Contract Help

Hi everyone, first post here so I apologize if I may be missing some things.

Over the last few hours I have been trying to successfully work out this smart contract that I have.

The goal I have is to lock Liquidity-Pool tokens with the Smart Contract, such as PancakeSwap’s “Cake-LP” tokens.

I created a token, placed it on PCS, received the Cake-LP to my address, but I am unsure as to writing in the contract on how to successfully place the Cake-LP tokens under a lock.

In this screenshot is where I would assume you fill out what is required, you insert the correct amount of Cake-LP tokens in your wallet into the amount section, the correct lock time using unix time, however I am not sure what address I should be placing in the tokenaddress section. I tried my own wallet with the Cake-LP but I only received metamask errors, which I assume is because I am filling in the contract incorrectly or have not set it up properly prior to utilizing it.

Anything helps, I’ve been stuck on this for a decent amount of time and determined I need help on this. I am still new to the coding but I have found myself properly understanding how to launch tokens and what not, however the smart contracts are all new to me!

Thank you!

_tokenAddress sounds like it would be the contract address of the token.

As it seems you’re learning, I’ll mention that you should generaly test on testnet until you’re sure you understand everything so that you don’t put your own or others’ funds at risk.