Why can't find my token in pancakeswap?

I have created my contract in BSC mainnet. Now I want to add liquidity in pancakeswap but when I paste the contract address in the liquidity menu, it says that cannot find my token.


Go to manage tokens and fron there go on

Already did but nothing.

Ok. Fixed. I had to include the methods:

function name() public pure override returns (string memory);
function symbol() public pure override returns (string memory);
function decimals() public pure override returns (uint8);

yes your actual code is not a token

yup, your problem was that your contract wasnt a token, it has to include a name, symbol and decimals to be considered as such by pancakeswap. you should have just included the ERC20 contract in your code and make your contract inherit it (instead of just including the IERC20 interface as you did)