Cannot create Admin Action on behalf of gnosis multisig

this is perfectly functional gnosis safe contract

however, it's impossible to create execution strategy for the contract that owned by this multi-sig:

it would be extremely useful to force defender to create admin action without it trying to check whether it indeed multisig, if it can't correctly check this itself.

:computer: Environment
macbook m1, browser google chrome version 105.*, gnosis multi-sig v1.3.0 via create1


:1234: Code to reproduce

Hi @elpinguinofrio

It seems your gnosis safe is using an unsupported base contract ( as indicated within the gnosis-safe UI ).

For increased security we use vanity addresses for DAO gnosis-safe, therefore it's deployed using CREATE1 not CREATE2 using gnosis factory ( it give us better protection against phishing, because every signs from gnosis look blind on ledger). The result contract is virtually the same, same functionality, same bytecode. Why does defender UI intentionally prohibit the use of it?

Hey @elpinguinofrio - really sorry for these issues. Unfortunately our queue is jam-packed right now so I don't think we could prioritize support of a new multisig. Fixing the feature detection would be one part of this, but we undergo pretty rigorous testing any time we support new execution strategies so it ends up becoming a non-trivial task. I'll add a ticket for this, but as I mentioned I don't expect it to be completed in the near future.