I can't transfer - Gnosis

Transferring 8 BNB to the Gnosis contract and I can't transfer, it returns the message below:

Transaction validation failed
If you attempt to execute this proposal right now, it will fail (given the current state of the blockchain). Tick ​​the checkbox below if you still want to Defend to create the proposal disregarding any current transaction validation errors. This could cause some headaches down the road, so proceed only if you are sure about what you are doing!

Create proposal ignoring transaction validation errors.
Error: Transaction validation failed. This usually means that this proposal would fail to execute given its current parameters.
Make sure all involved accounts have the necessary permissions for the transaction to succeed.
Check send-funds's code to identify possible revert conditions.
You are proposing to execute function send-funds through address 0x7643898bF30019D1F22bAa4300F4Aa29b4bb2211. Make sure that address has enough permissions to execute the function.

Hi @Roger_Santos_F, are you transferring TO the Gnosis contract or FROM it? If you're trying to send funds to a Gnosis Safe you can just use your wallet. The send funds function is to send value from a Gnosis Safe to another account.

Thanks for the answer.

The funds were deposited into the Gnosis contract, now I need to withdraw these funds to my own wallet.

I'm using the contract's proprietary wallet, but it says that Gnose is not allowed to withdraw funds.

Look the contract Gnose.