Executing a proposal that was originally approved, now rejected

Hi - We have a gnosis safe in defender where we had a number of admin mint proposals that were approved by 2 of 3 signers. We now want to reject those same proposals. When the same two addresses reject them, defender still shows the ability to execute the proposal. What exactly would it do if we execute it? We want to avoid it minting an additional token. We unfortunately can't perform any additional actions until we clear these fist few admin mints .

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @jq5000,

If you previously signed the proposal by 2 of 3 signers, the proposal is virtually executable since the Gnosis only requires the signature, but the signature itself is stateless. What I means is that signing a rejection doesn't "update" the previous approval.

For execution effects, it's like if 2 of 3 signers have stated that they're fine either executing or rejecting a proposal, so you can perform both execute or reject.

The good news is that once executing the rejection, the execute can't be performed since the transaction nonce has already been used.

What exactly would it do if we execute it?

To answer your question. It'll mint the NFT
Just click on Execute rejection.

Hope this helps!


Thanks so much for the response. I guess I wasn't seeing the "Execute rejection" option because the other signer actually encountered an error when trying to reject the proposal. Screenshot is below. We've actually encountered this twice where the two have us previously approved, I'm allowed to reject but he then encounters this error as the second signer. We can still execute the original approved proposal which is how we've gotten around it but would be good to understand if that's a feature or a bug. Any insight would be much appreciated!



I'm trying to replicate it with no success, but this indeed needs a fix.
Can you please share with me the contractId or your email to look in our database so I can dig deeply?