Defender not relaying Kovan tx's

I had all my transactions stop being relayed on Kovan about 12 hours ago. The current status of all the tx’s is ‘submitted’. Are there issues with testnet?

:computer: Environment



Example transactionID - 493c0fea-fea4-4178-8921-754922283bf1
Relayer address - 0x8eee665c0f5751a924ee4fc45e0fa7d3102894af

:1234: Code to reproduce


Hello @Mike_Reilly, welcome to the community! We looked into this and we found there was an issue with these transactions. Let me tell you that:

  1. Previous transactions were processed as no-ops
  2. Future ones should succeed

We’re still investigating gas price problems and monitoring the network, let us know if the problems persist.

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Thanks for the reply. Things look to be working well now. I’ll let you know if there is any more problems.