Ethereum Mainnet Stuck Relayer

:computer: Environment

We are using Relayer to automate transactions and turned on private tx for Ethereum mainnet. Relayer ID: 21cf8eb1-86f9-4d90-b55e-ded0031a790b.


We have observed stuck transactions that were sent to OZ Relayer but were pending for a long time. Gas price looks reasonable. Something must be wrong. Appreciate your help! Since this is critical to our system. @emnul

:1234: Code to reproduce

We replaced all 3 stuck transactions with public transactions (they were all private) and was able to unclog the pipe. I think you guys have a bug and it is causing integration with private transaction provider (flashbot?) to fail. Please fix it.

I also believe this is affecting Relayer on Ethereum Goerli as well.

Hi may I ask how you replace the transactions? I tried to set the nonce when I set tx in ethers, but it still append to the end of the pending tx list. Thanks!

I replaced the tx using Relayer's API. You can replace via tx id or nonce. See here.