Defender Release: Optimism, Frame, improved Forta Sentinels, and full Relayer CRUD API!

Hey everyone! We've released a new version of Defender, with the following features:

  • Optimism L2 support
  • Create and manage Relayers via API
  • Forta metadata in Sentinel alert payloads
  • Frame wallet support

Optimism L2 Support

Defender now has full support for Optimism, an L2 optimistic rollup solution, across Admin, Sentinels, and Relayer. Defender also supports Optimism Kovan, one of the testnets deployed by the Optimism team.

Create and manage Relayers via API

You can now use the defender-relay-client along with a Team API Key to create new Relayers. This, combined with the Sentinel and Autotask clients, allows you to programmatically spin up entire new environments in Defender.

const client = new RelayClient(credentials);
const relayer = await client.create({
    name: 'My API Relayer',
    network: 'goerli',
    minBalance: (1e18).toString(),
    policies: {
      gasPriceCap: (1e10).toString(),

Forta metadata in Sentinel alert payloads

When a Forta Sentinel triggers an Autotask, Defender will now also capture the metadata emitted by the Forta agent and pass it to the Autotask. This allows you to support more complex scenarios, by adjusting your Autotask behaviour based on the metadata injected by the Forta agent that triggered the alert.

Frame wallet support

You can now use the Frame wallet, as well as Metamask, for interacting with your contract proposals in Defender Admin. Frame is a privacy focused Ethereum wallet that runs natively on macOS, Windows and Linux, and relies on companion browser extensions for interacting with web3-enabled web applications, such as Defender.

Let us know what you think, and if there's anything you'd like to see next in the platform!