Defender Release 2020W47

Hey everyone! We have released today a new version of Defender at, geared towards simplifying operations of Relayers. Along with several minor improvements, these are the new features you can start using today!

Sending transactions through the Relayer page

You can now manually send transactions from your Relayers directly from the Relayer page, without having to write a script for it. Head over to Send Transaction in the Relayer page, enter the target contract, and Defender will automatically load its ABI and let you choose the function to call. This is particularly useful for one-time operations or quick fixes you need to run from your Relayer!

Withdrawing funds from your Relayer

Another popular request was to make it easy to withdraw any funds present in the Relayer, whether it’s ETH or an ERC20 token. We have added a new Withdraw funds option that lets you easily send any number of ETH or tokens sitting in the Relayer directly from the Relayer page.

Better support for Keep3r Network Relayers

Many users are currently relying on Defender Autotasks and Relayers to run ther Keepers on the In addition to compiling a step-by-step guide and providing example autotask code for this purpose, we have also added actions to easily bond a Relayer as a Keeper directly from the Relayer page. This should make the process of setting up and monitoring a Keeper much easier!


Not only that, but we have also added Keep3r-specific information in the Relayer page if the Relayer is detected to be an active Keeper.

Coming up…

We will be shipping more improvements to making Autotasks easier to run by injecting a Defender provider for querying the network, without having to procure and insert your own provider tokens. This should remove the nasty “failed to meet quorum” errors currently popping up when the ethers shared API keys get throttled. We are also working on a secrets manager for Autotasks, so you you can inject any API secrets to connect to external sources, knowing that these are kept safely encrypted in a key vault. We will also include a new webhook interface for autotasks, so you can call them from any external service for easy integrations - or even from your frontend to power meta-txs!

We will also be shipping support for xDai across all of Defender very soon. This has been a longstanding request by many users, and we are finally comfortable with the integration we have set up, so we should be able to publish it in the upcoming days.

Last but not least, we are working on improvements to Admin, with additional pre-packaged actions (such as Pausing a contract if we detect it implements the necessary methods), an improved address book, and the ability to query the target contract while creating an Admin proposal. Stay tuned!


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