What's new in Defender, November 2021 Update!

December is here (time flies, doesn't it?) and now it's a good time to look back at a bunch new features that have landed on Defender throughout November.

Defender is now free!

Anyone can now start using Defender for free. Just hit sign up, and choose to create a new account. Invite collaborators, iterate your design on test networks, and, once you're ready for primetime, deploy to mainnet.

Relayer policies

You can now constrain a relayer's behavior by defining policies. In this initial version there are two kinds of policies that you can apply to relayer:

  1. Gas price cap: if you specify a gas price cap (in gwei), any transactions with a higher gas price will be capped at that value. For example, this acts as a failsafe that helps you ensure that a relayer won't pay extraordinarily high prices for during a gas price surge.
  2. Target whitelist: use this policy to specify a list of addresses to which a relayer can send transactions. Any transactions targeting an address outside this list will be rejected.

Forta Sentinels

You may have heard about Forta, the first decentralized community-based security platform providing real-time threat detection for smart contracts.

It's now easier than ever to automate your response to incidents by setting up sentinels that listen to Forta alerts. Specify which alerts you want to react to, then trigger autotasks to respond immediately to them (pause a contract, run a liquidation bot, etc), get notified via your prefer communication channels (Slack, Telegram, Discord, etc).

Sentinel API

We published a new Defender API, which lets you manage your sentinels programmatically. Need to keep your sentinel configurations in sync with your project repositories? The new Sentinel API is great exactly for that.

Transfer funds from Gnosis Safe

You can now transfer funds from your Gnosis Safe using Defender Admin. No more need to switch to the Gnosis Safe UI to do that!

Autotask scheduling is now much more powerful

You can now specify when your autotasks should run with a standard cron expression. Schedules like "Every Sunday at 00:00" (0 0 * * 0) or "Every 1st of the month" (0 0 1 * *) are now trivial to set up, which should result in simpler code in your autotasks.

More on the way!

Stay tuned for future features. We like to continuously expand Defender's capabilities and December will be no exception :). As usual, you will find more details in Defender's doc site. See you around!