Defender Release: Fireblocks execution strategy for Admin Proposals, Sentinels Support for Hedera network and Logging

Hey everyone! We've released a new version of Defender, with the following features:

  • Fireblocks execution strategy for Admin Proposals
  • Sentinels Support for Hedera network
  • Logging

Fireblocks Support

Fireblocks is an asset management solution that leverages multi-party computation for securing all treasury operations. The integration as an execution strategy allows you to submit transactions to Fireblocks from Defender Admin directly. To manage your Fireblocks API keys, navigate to the top-right menu under "Fireblocks API Keys", and create a new API key. Once setup, you can select the API key and its respective vault under the execution strategy when creating a new proposal. You can find more information about the Fireblocks integration in the documentation under the Admin component.

Sentinels Support for Hedera network

You can now use Defender Sentinels to monitor contract calls in the Hedera and Hedera Testnet networks. Note that Sentinels will capture transactions on the Hedera Smart Contract Service exclusively. If you are interested in monitoring on other Hedera services, please reach out to us!


You can now use the Defender Logging to audit account usage. Logs are kept in the system for a 90 days period. Using Defender Logging is free of charge. For more advanced usage Defender supports exporting logs to 3rd party systems such as Splunk or Datadog by using the Log Forwarding feature. Log Forwarding is a premium account feature.

Let us know what you think, and if there's anything you'd like to see next in the platform!