Defender Release: Admin simulations, safe & finalized sentinel tags, more speed for Polygon txs, and more!

Hey everyone! We've released a new Defender version, which includes simulations for Admin proposals, reviewing past proposals effects, safe and finalized tags for Sentinels, fastest speed relayer transaction support on Polygon and Mumbai, and browsing and unarchiving Admin proposals.

Transaction simulation and execution review on Admin proposals

You can now simulate Admin proposals in Defender before approving them. Simulating a proposal will show you its effects if the transaction were to be executed: what ERC20 tokens get transferred, what events get emitted, and how the state of the contracts involved in the transaction would change. You can rely on this to gather a better understanding of the effects of a proposal during its review. At the moment, simulations are restricted to six per hour for free Defender accounts.

Additionally, Defender will show you the ERC20 tokens transferred and events emitted as part of an already executed Admin proposal, so you can easily see the effects of a successful proposal from within Defender.

Enabled safe and finalized tags on network-compatible sentinels

Defender Sentinel now allows you to select a confirmation level according to safe and finalized block tags added to merged chains JSON-RPC clients (although some other chains may support these same tags). This gives you a more reliable method of reacting to finalized transaction events than using a fixed number of confirmations.

The networks with support for the finalized tag are Ropsten, Goerli, Avalanche, and Fuji, whereas Goerli is the only network with safe tag support. After the merge, we will update Mainnet sentinels to support these tags as well.

Browse and unarchive Admin proposals

You can now browse archived Admin proposals for each contract, by checking the new Display archived contracts toggle. And if you change your mind about having archived a proposal, you can choose to unarchive it and bring it back to the table for discussion.

Support for fastest transaction speed on Polygon and Mumbai

Before, transactions sent via a Relayer with fastest speed on Polygon and Mumbai would default to fast speed due to limitations with the official gas price oracle. We are now adding support for fastest speed on these networks which should yield a strictly greater gas price than fast.


This is a great update, great job!


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