Defender Release: Hedera Sentinels, Additional Sentinel Confirmations, Sentinel Match Reasons

Hey everyone! We've released a new version of Defender, with the following features:

  • Hedera Sentinels internal calls

  • Additional confirmation options for BSC and Ropsten sentinels

  • Sentinel Match Reasons address

Hedera Sentinels

You can now monitor events on internal calls in Hedera sentinels

Additional Sentinel Confirmations

You now have the option to set block confirmations for Ropsten Sentinels to 64 and BSC/BSC Testnet Sentinels to 21

Sentinel Match Reasons Address

If you are monitoring multiple contracts with a Sentinel you can now see which contract it was that matched your condition. You will now see a new address field alongside match reasons in your alerts which indicates the contract the match originated from. The new address field is added to all matchReasons entries and is available within the Autotask event object.