Defender account got deleted

Hi i haven't logged in my defender for a whilet. When I tried to login to it today, my account does not exist and I can even create a account with my email address. My teammate's account also got deleted (Invited as collaborators) I never received any emails about this.
What happened to my defender account? How can I have access to the autotask and relayer created by my account?

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Hey @cagf, I'm sorry to hear that, but we haven't deleted any inactive accounts (we may in the future, but only with proper notice). Is it possible you used a different email address? Or can you share the address of the relayer in your old account, so we can try and locate it?

hi i think it's this address 0x370e89a863b18730a3de80664eef673073cc5dc8

it's somehow still working but i cannot have access to it bc my defender account is missing

Hey @cagf, I'm checking the logs, and I can see there were three user accounts in your team, but two of them (one of them matches the email account you are using now in the forum) were deleted on 2022-07-04 by the third team member. Hope this helps!