Creating proposals through a Safe while connected to a forked network

I am trying to test creating a proposal on a local mainnet fork with Defender Admin. Everything seems to work fine when I test this without a Gnosis Safe, but when I try to run the proposal through the Safe, I get the following error in the UI:

Error: Could not validate transaction: Internal JSON-RPC error.

In the console I can see this error show up:

MetaMask - RPC Error: Internal JSON-RPC error. 

code: -32603
data: {message: "VM Exception while processing transaction: revert \", code: -32000, data: {…}}

The functions I am trying to propose are confirmed to be permissioned for the Gnosis Safe and the account I am using with MetaMask is confirmed to be a signer for the Gnosis Safe.

Is it even possible for this to work on a local network through MetaMask? Or is there some conflict with the transaction service. I was able to create proposals on this local network through the Gnosis Safe UI, however all the features in their UI that depend on the transaction service obviously do not work.

Any help would be appreciated.

:computer: Environment
Defender Admin

Hey @opz! To be fair, we have not tested running Defender Admin on a chain fork. Given Defender is multi-network, most requests are routed through the Defender backend and not through your Metamask provider, so it’s possible that Defender is going to mainnet either way.

Can you share your full use case? I’m curious how you are intending to combine Admin and forks. There may be something interesting we can set up to help you with that!