Create a Deflationary BEP20 Token

HI Community,

I’m trying to create a Deflationary Token like this token : taboocommunity

Nom du Token : WAHA
Binance Chain

Token Type : Utility
​Disponible à la vente : 460,000,000 WAHA (46%) PRIX 0,0001$
Distribution Total :1,000,000,000 WAHA
Distribution du Jeton WAHA

46 % Réservé à la Vente
24 % Développement
10 % Team et Advisory Board
8 % Partenaires
8 % Marketing
2 % Ambassadeurs

Goal :
Our holders passively gain tokens through static rewards with our fixed 5% tax which is distributed to our holders’ That has a 5% tax rate on every transaction.

5% is distributed to all of our holders meaning your amount of tokens in your wallet is ever increasing!

2% is permanently burned from the supply meaning the amount of token in existence is always going down therefore making this token harder and harder to get hold of which in turn will increase the tokens price

taboo contract : 0x9abdba20edfba06b782126b4d8d72a5853918fd0

My Question: i can copy this code and modificate NAME SYMBOL, etc ?

Welcome Juwaha to Open Zeppelin,

My Question: i can copy this code and modificate NAME SYMBOL, etc ?

Yes you can, but it is not advised. You should not copy code. You should come up with your own ideas for your own coin. Think up new tokenomics, otherwise you are just relying on marekting. Any token on ETH/BSC can have its code copied if it is verified.

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