Community Recognition Program

Announcing POAP Rewards for Top Contributors!

We at OpenZeppelin are lucky to have such an amazing community of contributors. (That's you!) Developers benefit greatly from your help.

The League of Elite Contributors

To recognize the amazing job that community members are doing, we now offer a monthly reward system. At the end of each month, our moderators will give unique POAPs to those who go above and beyond.

How You Can Win

Answer Questions

Leave the forum a better place whenever you visit. The most helpful thing you can do is solve a problem faced by a fellow developer.

Read through the recent posts and see if you can help in one of these ways:

  • Give them the answer. Doing so will help others in the future who get blocked by similar problems.
  • Point them in the right direction. Has someone (here or elsewhere) else solved a similar conundrum?
  • Point them in a better direction. Even if you don’t know the full solution, some skillful Googling can make all the difference.
  • Ask important questions. Sometimes a problem feels overwhelming because it’s a monolith. Asking better questions helps break things down into solvable pieces.

Stay Within Scope

  • Keep things focused. This forum is the ideal place for questions and support focused on OpenZeppelin Contracts and Defender. If you notice a post that deals with a different product or service, consider directing the OP elsewhere.
  • Keep things clean. Flag posts that are inappropriate.
  • Keep things specific. When you have a question, it is useful to share code snippets.
  • Keep things clear. Ask for context and clarity when you see vague or poorly worded posts.
  • Keep things fresh. You can request a new tutorial if you would like a new guide/tutorial to be created.

Share Appreciation and Give Due Credit

  • Follow the plot. Before posting, see whether a similar question has already been asked. If so, and you find a solution there, be sure to click the post’s heart symbol to award it a like! Feel free to contribute your situation details if that might be helpful to someone in the future who is facing a related issue.
  • Say thanks. When someone answers your question, flag their post as the solution.
  • Give props. Anytime you see a post that adds value, click the heart.
  • Show the way. If you see someone ask a question that has been answered in the past, post a link that directs them to the solution. That helps them and it helps anyone else who happens to arrive at that post via web search.

Monthly Awards

At the end of each month, forum moderators will give awards in the form of POAPs to winners in the following categories:

Most Questions Answered

Awards given to the top three contributors who receive the highest count of Questions Answered each month

Most Helpful Tutorial

Award given to the person who posts the highest quality original instructional content. Think guides, walkthroughs, and tutorials showing an interesting use case for OpenZeppelin Contracts and Defender.

Most Upvoted

Awards bestowed to top three contributors for receiving the most likes/upvotes (total) in a given month.

Forum moderators will award each category every month. For awards based on monthly totals, these reset each month; if you didn't win last month, keep at it!

If you see other ways of adding value to the forum (such as creating your own FAQs for questions you see asked a lot), just go for it. Be creative.

The League of Elite Contributors Hall of Fame

At least half the fun of a POAP is people knowing you have it—so we’ve got you covered. We also maintain a Hall of Fame page to showcase awardees by forum user ID. Think of it as a leaderboard.

So, that’s the deal. Now, show us what you’ve got.